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First Year Teacher Strategies and Resources

Recommended Strategies and Apps for a First Year Teacher –Carina Hilbert and the TeachCow Podcast Team– The first year of teaching often is the hardest.  You’re in your own classroom without anyone else there to […]

Dear Parents: I Have 30 Kids to Teach

Dear Parents Who Are Upset, I truly, truly understand why you are upset right now. It feels as though your particular child isn’t getting the precise educational experience that they require at this exact moment. […]

Plan for Substitute Teacher Success!

As a teacher, I always struggled with being away from the classroom, feeling my students would be missing out on great learning and having minimal growth with a substitute. In my head, I painted a worst case scenario of kids running amuck, damaged books and materials, misplaced and wrongly used supplies, etc. Although some of that has happened over the years, with time I figured out you CAN learn to anticipate most issues and even get a great learning day for your students!