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First Year Teacher Strategies and Resources

Recommended Strategies and Apps for a First Year Teacher –Carina Hilbert and the TeachCow Podcast Team– The first year of teaching often is the hardest.  You’re in your own classroom without anyone else there to […]

Effective Teacher Parent Communication…Social Media and Innovation to keep positive relationships!

http://traffic.libsyn.com/teachcow/ttl14.m4a Subscribe and review our podcast here On this talk, we are discussing Effective Teacher-Parent communication in our schools and how we can promote it. On the panel, we have accomplished educators on this very subject. […]

Parent Zone: Parents and Social Media

Social Media. We hear that word everyday. We hear it in the news, maybe your kids talk about it and many of us use it too. Social media has become so much more then looking for the latest recipe or following the latest about what Justin Beiber wore today. It is a powerful information and communication tool.