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First Year Teacher Strategies and Resources

Recommended Strategies and Apps for a First Year Teacher –Carina Hilbert and the TeachCow Podcast Team– The first year of teaching often is the hardest.  You’re in your own classroom without anyone else there to […]

Effective Teacher Parent Communication…Social Media and Innovation to keep positive relationships!

http://traffic.libsyn.com/teachcow/ttl14.m4a Subscribe and review our podcast here On this talk, we are discussing Effective Teacher-Parent communication in our schools and how we can promote it. On the panel, we have accomplished educators on this very subject. […]

What is the research on Effective teacher-parent communication?

http://traffic.libsyn.com/teachcow/precastTTL14.m4a Subscribe and review our podcast here GUEST HOST: Zack Clancy from the podcast Teacher Talk w Zack Clancy

Teaming Up with Hispanic Parents. Learn the culture and nuances to get these parents on your school team!

http://traffic.libsyn.com/teachcow/TTL12Team.m4a Subscribe to the iTunes podcast here In this episode we discuss ways to maximize collaboration between teachers and parents. Particularly, we delve into the culture and nuances that all teachers should know to make […]

Get organized for 2016! Keep Parents in the Loop with Remind!

If you’re a classroom teacher, this tool is essential if you want to maintain strong lines of communication with the parents!  Check out our video for step by step instructions on how to use the […]

What every end of year classroom party should have!

As the end of the year approaches and you feel the relief of being halfway done with the school year, there’s the inevitable end of year party that all students have come to expect.  It’s […]