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Let’s Talk Success this June 2nd!

Our annual tradition #TeacherWin is approaching!  That means you have an opportunity to brag on an amazing accomplishment in your classroom OR your school! You could even come on and brag on a colleague who […]

Top Tools for First Year Teachers Welcome everyone to Teachers Talk Live, the podcast for K12 solutions! On episode 18 we want to gear up upcoming teachers for the 2017-2018 school year. As educators, we know full well the challenge […]

ADHD in K12 Classrooms –TTL 17 On episode 17 we are talking ADHD in the classrooms. We want to help teachers, parents and community members gain a deep understanding of ADHD, how to manage it for the benefit of the […]

How does ADHD impact your K12 classroom? (PRECAST 17) This is Oscar Cielos Staton from Teachers Talk Live with our precast on ADHD in K12 Classrooms. Watch and participate in our live show by clicking here or simply watch below. Our upcoming show […]

Educating African American Girls in K12: Understanding and earning their respect to maximize education – TTL16 Subscribe and review our podcast here On Episode 16, we are talking about African American girls in K12 education and particularly the alarming findings by Kimberly Williams Crenshaw and associates in the study “Black […]

What About Black Girls? (precast to episode 16) Hi This is Oscar Cielos Staton with your precast on Educating African American Girls. Our talk on March 9th will provide more insight and a deeper perspective than this humble male Honduran […]

How to Empower Teachers so they can then empower students and keep doing great work long term On this talk, we have a topic on today’s show is one that’s near and dear to my heart. It’s a big part of why I decided to create the Teach Cow Network and […]