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Get organized for 2016! Keep Parents in the Loop with Remind!

If you’re a classroom teacher, this tool is essential if you want to maintain strong lines of communication with the parents!  Check out our video for step by step instructions on how to use the […]

Plan for Substitute Teacher Success!

As a teacher, I always struggled with being away from the classroom, feeling my students would be missing out on great learning and having minimal growth with a substitute. In my head, I painted a worst case scenario of kids running amuck, damaged books and materials, misplaced and wrongly used supplies, etc. Although some of that has happened over the years, with time I figured out you CAN learn to anticipate most issues and even get a great learning day for your students!

Harness the power of Social Media at school! Listen to Teachers Talk Live podcast ↑ or watch the video below Social Media & Schools…Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter…what else?  How do we harness these prominent and emerging tools to better our classrooms? How does social […]