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Seeking stories for “My Truth: K12 stories” podcast 

Premiering this fall is a new show to which all teachers will be listening! It will inspire, encourage…sometimes teach a hard lesson…it will teach new ways and best of all, it will entertain.  Stories will […]

What every end of year classroom party should have!

As the end of the year approaches and you feel the relief of being halfway done with the school year, there’s the inevitable end of year party that all students have come to expect.  It’s […]

Teachers Connecting with Hispanic Parents for Optimum Student Productivity Listen to Teachers Talk Live Precast ↑  Subscribe to the iTunes podcast here The purpose of this Teachers Talk Live precast is to highlight some best practices on how to work most effectively with Hispanic families […]

How do we create a climate of collaboration in our schools?

How do we maintain innovation at our schools? How do we get our school teachers to collaborate and raise everyone’s game? In episode 9 of Teachers Talk Live, we discuss innovative ways of creating a community of collaboration with every education profession in your campus even when you think your personal differences could get in the way.

Let’s build a positive workplace through positive interactions

Certain relationships in the school work site can be sensitive and sometimes difficult to navigate. Do we need PD on how to interact productively in difficult situations at school? Personality clashes, politics and career advancements may be some of the challenges that face a teacher among his/her peers and/or superiors.