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Seeking stories for “My Truth: K12 stories” podcast 

Premiering this fall is a new show to which all teachers will be listening! It will inspire, encourage…sometimes teach a hard lesson…it will teach new ways and best of all, it will entertain.  Stories will […]

Boston Public Schools: Students in Crisis

On Monday, March 7, 2016 the students from Boston Public Schools walked out of school in the middle of the day and demonstrated in front of the Massachusetts State House and Boston Commons. They are […]

What About Black Girls? (precast to episode 16) Hi This is Oscar Cielos Staton with your precast on Educating African American Girls. Our talk on March 9th will provide more insight and a deeper perspective than this humble male Honduran […]

Teaming Up with Hispanic Parents. Learn the culture and nuances to get these parents on your school team! Subscribe to the iTunes podcast here In this episode we discuss ways to maximize collaboration between teachers and parents. Particularly, we delve into the culture and nuances that all teachers should know to make […]

10 Easy Special Ed Tweaks for the Gen Ed Classroom

Originally posted on MilKids Ed. Reposted by permission. Let’s face it: people are NOT built to sit at a desk for hours upon hours each day. How do I know? Because I’m certainly not. It’s why […]

Teacher’s one MLK Jr. stop for every grade level!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be 87 years young on January 15, 2016!  There’s so much this man has done for the civil rights movement and is still doing.  If you’re reading this and […]

Teachers Connecting with Hispanic Parents for Optimum Student Productivity Listen to Teachers Talk Live Precast ↑  Subscribe to the iTunes podcast here The purpose of this Teachers Talk Live precast is to highlight some best practices on how to work most effectively with Hispanic families […]