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Seeking stories for “My Truth: K12 stories” podcast 

Premiering this fall is a new show to which all teachers will be listening! It will inspire, encourage…sometimes teach a hard lesson…it will teach new ways and best of all, it will entertain.  Stories will […]

Let’s Talk Success this June 2nd!

Our annual tradition #TeacherWin is approaching!  That means you have an opportunity to brag on an amazing accomplishment in your classroom OR your school! You could even come on and brag on a colleague who […]

You rock! Let that hit you hard in the face!

Do you truly acknowledge the level of influence in your hands? I mean, do you realize the impact you have as an educator into the individual lives you touch? More than most careers, everything you […]

Beating Teacher Stress: How to be an Effective and Happy Teacher

Teacher Stress is real! How we deal with it is the difference! Listen to our precast and continue to the rest of our engaging content.