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True Life: I’m an Inclusion Teacher

“Oh, how nice,” they say. “You teach elementary school! I bet you just have the best time!” “They” must not have noticed the significant changes occurring in the education world over the last decade or […]

Dear Parents: I Have 30 Kids to Teach

Dear Parents Who Are Upset, I truly, truly understand why you are upset right now. It feels as though your particular child isn’t getting the precise educational experience that they require at this exact moment. […]


¬†Carrie Baughcum Homework. Our kids all get it. Some do their homework with ease. They independently get their homework out, complete it and return it to school without much effort or help from parents. Other […]

Parent Zone: Bullying

Carrie Baughcum Bullying. We hear all kinds of stories about it on the news. We know it is wrong. We might know others who have experienced it. We worry it could happen to our children. […]

Parent Zone: Parents and Social Media

Social Media. We hear that word everyday. We hear it in the news, maybe your kids talk about it and many of us use it too. Social media has become so much more then looking for the latest recipe or following the latest about what Justin Beiber wore today. It is a powerful information and communication tool.