On episode 17 we are talking ADHD in the classrooms. We want to help teachers, parents and community members gain a deep understanding of ADHD, how to manage it for the benefit of the students and current policy in 2016.

The four main questions I’d like to address with the panelists are the following:

1) What do ADHD accommodations look like at your school and what should they look like?

2) What should parents know about ADHD, its diagnosis and their child’s rights at school?

3) What are the biggest misconceptions of students suspected of having ADHD or students with the diagnosis?

5) How do students with an ADHD diagnosis qualify for 504 accommodations or special services? And what’s the difference?

You may have more so chat us up or leave us a comment at TeachCow.com. We try to answer all questions if not during our live show, then later on at the site.

Resources announced on the show are:

Stress Busting
a student self-assessment workbook on stress management
free when you subscribe to the newsletter at counselorgames.com
KidConnect is an app designed to be used by students who struggle with emotional regulation–so that’s every kid!  But in particular we are targeting the tough kiddos whose behavior often removes them from classes and from life-because they just can’t keep it together.  These are kids with ADHD, Autism, Emotional and Behavioral disabilities.  It’s designed to be used right in the classroom and in the moment so that kids learn the skills where they need to use them.  It has a lot of cool features for kids and teachers. It can be customized for each kid-and tracks and stores data-so it’s easy for the teacher to know that it is working! We’ve seen some amazing results. Find it at the KidConnect site


Guests on the show are

Lori Jackson is an educational psychologist with over 17 years of experience working with students,families and teachers in public and private schools. Jackson has extensive experience working with students whose behaviors interfere with their strong cognitive skills and often require their removal from regular classrooms. Teachers, parents & administrators are frustrated and they need tools to support kids! There is hope! Jackson has presented nationally on Emotional Regulation and the importance of ER in schools. Lori believes that if students are directly taught skills to manage their emotions, students with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism and other disabilities will be able to manage their behaviors and succeed in school. Using specially developed and designed technology, Jackson has seen the amazing transformations that occur when kids develop the needed skills to succeed in academics and life!

Amy Sellars. Her daughter’s diagnosis with ADHD led Amy Sellars’ doctor to diagnose her as well five years ago. With behavior and diet modification along with medication, both of their lives became much easier. As a teacher of kindergartners and third graders for the past seven years, Amy understands the need to let her students move as needed, provide flexible seating, and make many other accommodations to help each one reach their full potential. Amy doesn’t want a single student to look back and think, there is no limit to what I could have accomplished if my teachers had recognized that I wasn’t just a bright, but lazy student.

Grace Wilhelm is a National Board Certified Counselor with experience in mental health and school counseling. She enthusiastically presents to counselors, teachers, youth workers, and parents on anger, stress, crises intervention, communication, data, counseling programs, play sessions, and more. Mrs. Wilhelm has been awarded ASCA National School Counselor of the Year Semifinalist, RAMP, and FLDOE Parent Involvement Award. She has written student workbooks on anger control and stress management. She has completed two DVDs on Games and Play to Enhance Counseling and Teaching Strategies: Creative Ways to Engage Students in Small Groups, Classrooms or Individual Counseling Sessions. Speaking engagements have taken Grace as far away as Papua New Guinea. She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Mark and three children. She enjoys traveling, genealogy and playing the violin.


Zack Clancy




Check out this episode!

Posted by Oscar Cielos Staton

Oscar Cielos Staton began his teaching career in 1998 while continuing his passion for film production in Texas. He quickly developed an affinity for working with low socioeconomic Hispanic families. "The lives of my students," he says "very much mirror the life I once had as an immigrant in this country in a public elementary school. Actually, I tell them they are lucky because they have other students similar to them in the same classroom. My experience was that of a true minority in the classroom. Only one other student in my class spoke Spanish!" As a teacher, he established himself as someone in touch with the student experience. Nowadays Oscar continues his educational journey with the Teach Cow website and his podcast Teachers Talk Live, which brings together teachers from all over the world for talks on K-12 Education.

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