On Monday, March 7, 2016 the students from Boston Public Schools walked out of school in the middle of the day and demonstrated in front of the Massachusetts State House and


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Boston Commons. They are protesting proposed budget cuts that will be voted on later in the month.

BPS students are concerned about massive cuts to their schools while Mayor Mary Walsh grants large corporate giveaways.  He and Governor Charlie Baker did not meet with the students during this student walkout. Instead, they were meeting with Forbes to lock a deal that will bring the “Under 30 Summit” to Boston.

The walkout was peaceful throughout the day, except for minor altercations that may have been blown out of proportion by the media and Boston Police.

Posted by Oscar Cielos Staton

Oscar Cielos Staton began his teaching career in 1998 while continuing his passion for film production in Texas. He quickly developed an affinity for working with low socioeconomic Hispanic families. "The lives of my students," he says "very much mirror the life I once had as an immigrant in this country in a public elementary school. Actually, I tell them they are lucky because they have other students similar to them in the same classroom. My experience was that of a true minority in the classroom. Only one other student in my class spoke Spanish!" As a teacher, he established himself as someone in touch with the student experience. Nowadays Oscar continues his educational journey with the Teach Cow website and his podcast Teachers Talk Live, which brings together teachers from all over the world for talks on K-12 Education.

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