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What if our K-12 schools could look more like a Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or even the Apple Store? In this episode, advocates for reimagined schools talk about achieving those goals through flexible seating and creative learning spaces, while also offering tips to create innovative school design for 21st century learners. It’s time to eliminate the traditional model of boring, uninspired school spaces as we shift our focus to creating Future Ready Schools.
Kayla Delzer is a 2nd grade teacher and Project Lead the Way Lead Teacher in West Fargo, North Dakota. She is a columnist for Edsurge.com, where she writes about a variety of edtech topics. In August, she began her 8th year of teaching 2nd grade. She holds her master’s degree in Elementary Education and is currently in the process of becoming National Board Certified, the highest mark of professional accomplishment. On July 23, 2015 she delivered her first TEDx Talk, Reimagining Classrooms: Students as Leaders and Teachers as Learners. Kayla is a technology enthusiast, and she works as an educational consultant for several school districts. She frequently travels around the United States to speak at educational conferences. Kayla is a highly connected educator, and her classroom Twitter account (@tweetingtopdogs) and Instagram account (@topdogkids) have allowed her students to learn virtually with hundreds of classrooms and experts from all over the world. She is highly sought after by educational and technology companies to preview and review their products, and she sits on several boards of educational companies. She is in the beginning stages of authoring her first book for educators based on best 21st century teaching practices for digital natives, due to be published in December 2016.

Jason Markusen is an Elementary School Principal in West Fargo, ND. He has both his Master’s and Specialist degrees in Educational Leadership. He started working in the education field in 1998 and has worked in all facets of education from coaching, to para professional, to classroom teacher, and administrator from kindergarten through college. Along the way, Jason has worked in districts ranging from 98% diversity and high poverty rates to more affluent demographics with each affording unique challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Jason most recently presented at the North Dakota Health Summit in Fargo, ND and received the Dakota Medical Foundation Star Award for bold vision and pioneering efforts in working to transform the health and wellness culture for children. Jason is always looking at proactive and innovative approaches to working with kids and believes in a growth/innovative mindset. Jason is connected via both a personal Twitter account (@JMarkusen) and school Twitter account (@Legacy2gether). Jason also produces a school blog: (http://legacyelementary.blogspot.com). This blog serves as a hub for all of Legacy Elementary to connect not only with each other, but also the rest of the world through blog posts he writes, videos produced at Legacy Elementary, teacher Twitter accounts, blog sites and more. A quote that helps give a better understanding of Jason’s mindset is as follows: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Jay Thomas is in his 7th year as principal at Albemarle High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. Previously, he was the principal at South Lenoir High School in Kinston, North Carolina, and an administrator at Landstown High School and Technology Academy in Virginia Beach. He was born in wild, wonderful Wheeling, West Virginia and is married to his beautiful wife Cherie, a French teacher at Henley Middle School. The couple has 8 year-old triplets in 2nd grade at Baker-Butler Elementary. You can follow Jay on Twitter at @jaypthomas.
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veteran school superintendent in southern Illinois, The Goin’ Digital Show is a live, one- hour Google Hangout that promotes the principles of Digital Leadership in K-12 schools and features many of the nation’s top school superintendents, principals and innovators in public education. Connect with Dr. Goins on Twitter at @wfsuper or visit www.goindigital.com.
About Dr. Greg Goins
Dr. Greg Goins is a school district superintendent, adjunct professor, podcast host and passionate advocate for re-imagined schools who is available to speak or present at your next conference or professional development event.
As an innovative leader, Dr. Goins is a dynamic speaker who has previously presented at the Illinois Association of School Administrators (IASA) Conference, the Illinois Education & Technology Conference (IETC), the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) Conference and the IASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference (Triple I) in Chicago, recognized as one of the nation’s largest state education conferences with more than 9,000 public school leaders in attendance in 2015.
As host of The Goin’ Digital Show, Dr. Goins promotes the principles of Digital Leadership and Future Ready Schools during a one hour live broadcast every other week on the Teach Cow Network at www.teachcow.com. The show features many of the nation’s top school superintendents, principals and innovators in public education and will be available on iTunes in 2016.
Forever a teacher at heart, Dr. Goins remains in the classroom as an Adjunct Professor in Educational Leadership and specializes in Digital Leadership, Educational Technology and Leadership Theory.
For 2016, Dr. Goins is available to speak on the following topics: Connected Leadership, Reimagined Schools, Learning Spaces, Social Media in Schools, Community Engagement, Edcamp Planning and Digital Tools for School Administrators. Please send inquiries todrgreggoins@gmail.com or visit www.drgreggoins.com.


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