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On this talk, we will have expert panelists discussing how to establish and nurture the most productive Coach-Teacher relationships for maximum productivity and growth.  We will examine best practices for coaches and teachers on how best to interact and collaborate. We will discuss the benefits to a teacher teaming up with a teacher coach and the great outcomes we can see in the students.  We will also tackle concerns or hesitations a teacher may have into entering this type of collaboration and then find ways to ease that concern.

We discuss the role of the instructional coach in depth as we have some experienced, on the ground coaches with us that can speak to the challenges and solutions faced by coaches, teachers and districts in implementing instructional coaches within schools.


Lee Araoz is an Instructional Technology Coordinator/Coach, staff developer and teacher with 27 years experience in the classroom.  He is a proponent of passion based learning for students and teachers.  Follow him @LeeAraoz

Coach Ben (aka Ben Cogswell) is an EdTeach Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) for Alisal Union School District in Salinas, CA, which includes 12 k6 schools.  Previously he was an academic coach at Tiburcio Vasquez Elementary.  He is also one of the founding moderators on team #TOSAchat @TOSAchat  Follow him @Cogswell_ben

Amanda Haughs is an Elementary Math and Technology Integration Coach for Campbell Union School District in California.  Haugh’s curriculum planning and delivery is supported by the use of technology as a toll to differentiate instruction and to access student engagement and critical thinking skills. As a Google Certified Educator and 2015-1016 PBS Learning Media Lead Digital Innovator, Haughs is passionate about the power of technology for personalizing and enhancing learning experiences for all students.  Follow her @mshaughs

Kelly Martin is a lover of all things Google, Twitter and pretty much everything EdTech.  She is a level 2 Google Educator, a Remind Connected Educator and co-creator of the Twitter chat #TOSAChat.  Currently, she supports over 60 teachers by assisting in upgrading their pedagogy with educational technology in a 1:1 Chromebook district.  Before her current role, Kelly taught grades 3, 4 and 5 over 7 years in the classroom.  Follow her @kmartintahoe

Karly Moura is a TOSA/Instructional Coach & Educational Technology Support Teacher at Sun Terrace Elementary School, MDUSD.  SHe is a co-creator of #TOSAChat. Follow her @KarlyMoura

Joe Young is a Math & STEAM Coach/TOSA in the Palo Alto Unified School District.  He has taught first, second and fifth grade and is excited to be in this new role as an instructional coach for elementary schools.

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Posted by Oscar Cielos Staton

Oscar Cielos Staton began his teaching career in 1998 while continuing his passion for film production in Texas. He quickly developed an affinity for working with low socioeconomic Hispanic families. "The lives of my students," he says "very much mirror the life I once had as an immigrant in this country in a public elementary school. Actually, I tell them they are lucky because they have other students similar to them in the same classroom. My experience was that of a true minority in the classroom. Only one other student in my class spoke Spanish!" As a teacher, he established himself as someone in touch with the student experience. Nowadays Oscar continues his educational journey with the Teach Cow website and his podcast Teachers Talk Live, which brings together teachers from all over the world for talks on K-12 Education.

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