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Social Media. We hear that word everyday. We hear it in the news, maybe your kids talk about it and many of us use it too. Social media has become so much more then looking for the latest recipe or following the latest about what Justin Beiber wore today. It is a powerful information and communication tool.

Why should I care about Social Media?

We already know it is important for us to teach our children how to navigate the world of social media, but it is equally important for us as parents to harness its strength to empower us and keep us informed. News shows, politicians, parents, schools and classrooms are learning to harness the power of social media to share what is happening. Schools and classrooms open their classrooms, sharing what the are exploring, learning and creating. Parents use social media to share their stories, learn from each other and to help become better parents.

Where do I even start?

Begin by seeing if your school, child’s teacher or classroom has their own Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram account or hashtag. Schools will often have it on the website home page and often teachers will have a link to it on their email. You don’t even need a twitter account to look at their tweets! Does your school have a Facebook page or Instagram account you can look at to see what is happening? If you still don’t know…ask them.

How else can I use social media?

Jump right in and join them! Did you know there is a Parent/Teacher twitter chat? Teachers and parents all over the world to talk about a wide range of topics. And that is just the start of it. There are #parents and #parenting hashtags you can look at and learn from. You can start by just reading the tweets and learning from what others are sharing and when you are ready you can join in and share your story, your knowledge and begin to connect with others too!

The Beginners Guide to Twitter

The Complete Parents List Of Education Hashtags On Twitter

Have questions about how you can get more involved in social media? Leave us a question in the comments!

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uUWVBEw-_400x400Carrie Baughcum is the momma of two keep you on your toes amazing girls, a wife, mismatch sock wearer, doodler, and a learning enthusiast. She is also a Special Education teacher of 16 years who believes that all children can learn, we just have to find out how.  Carrie started the Parent Zone with Teachcow.com as a place where parents can  connect and learn from other parents and educators because together we are capable of anything! You can find Carrie here at the Parent Zone and you can also see what else she is up to at her blog carriebaughcum.com where she thinks life, learning and doodles are Heck Awesome. 

Posted by Oscar Cielos Staton

Oscar Cielos Staton began his teaching career in 1998 while continuing his passion for film production in Texas. He quickly developed an affinity for working with low socioeconomic Hispanic families. "The lives of my students," he says "very much mirror the life I once had as an immigrant in this country in a public elementary school. Actually, I tell them they are lucky because they have other students similar to them in the same classroom. My experience was that of a true minority in the classroom. Only one other student in my class spoke Spanish!" As a teacher, he established himself as someone in touch with the student experience. Nowadays Oscar continues his educational journey with the Teach Cow website and his podcast Teachers Talk Live, which brings together teachers from all over the world for talks on K-12 Education.

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